Rajesh R. Shah

Bachelor of Design in hand, Raj left USA for Singapore in 1992 and has been actively involved in Interior Design & Project Management ever since.

Through good business and service, Raj’s clients have turned into close friends who value his practical approaches and meticulous organization skills. His involvement with all aspects of the design process ensures seamless continuity and problem free completion and handover of all projects he undertakes.

In 1995, Raj joined the Society of Interior Designers and has served as Chairperson, Vice President and is currently the Honorary Advisor for the organization. In recognition for his long-standing council and service to the society, Raj was conferred Fellow status in 2017.

Raj pursues improvement and learning by engaging in activities with IDCS, DBCS, and NAFA, holding positions in each organization.

Raj’s passion for design and his involvement in the industry is not limited to his organizations. He offers consultation and input for various design shows, trade events and openly shares his experiences with young designers and students attending business forums and summits. 

However, discontent to contribute solely through organizations and consultancy work; and with a growing demand for Awards, Seminars, Workshops, Talks, and Events for local/overseas interior designers and design industry, Design Gateway Private Limited (DGPL) was established.


DGPL will spearhead several new initiatives that will be truly a gateway for designers in the Asia Pacific region and eventually the world. DGPL has launched Design & Research Bureau (DRB) as a vehicle to promote local star designers to a wider audience. Designers and Architects from China will experience their first ever workshop lasting 5 days in August 2018. 

More good things are in stored, stay tuned!

Society of Interior Designers (SIDS)
Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS)
Curriculum Development Advisory Committee for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts


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